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the new multi-situational interiors range






Hypnotic, globular, artisanal pieces for different spaces in your home. Oozing forms appear from corners, leaking and growing. Liquescent forms for a liquiform world. 



The Amorphous range is made using Portuguese wool. Pieces are handmade and finished in Lisbon, Portugal. To pre-order your one-of-a-kind Amorphous Ooze, get in touch with us via email or on instagram. Prices start at 440€ for an Embryonic Amorphous Ooze, with three colours (approx 50x50) plus postage and packaging (please note delivery outside of the EU may be expensive and we ask you to consider this before you contact us). If you require your Ooze to be designed to a specific space or to architectural plans, please let us know and we will provide a bespoke design service at an hourly rate (on application) There is a 50% non-refundable deposit to be paid after the order has been confirmed (subject to consultation), prior to the construction of your Amorphous Ooze.

Please note that we bare no responsibility for the installation of your Amorphous Ooze. 


approximate price guidance


3 colour Embryonic Amorphous Ooze (approx. 50x50 cm): 440€

> 3 colours: + 50€ per additional shade

3 colour Neonate  Amorphous Ooze (approx 70x70 cm): 660€

> 3 colours: + 30€ per additional shade

3 colour Adolescent Amorphous Ooze (approx 100x100 cm): 880€

> 3 colours: + 25€ per additional shade

3 colour Apex Amorphous Ooze (approx 150x150 cm): 1300€

> 3 colours: + 20€ per additional shade

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side rug 2.png
side rug 2.png

Some images represent visualizations of possible amorphous ooze placement and colour. They may vary in reality.

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